Whilst we concentrate all our efforts on ensuring that our guests have an exciting, interesting and fun holiday, unfortunately we have to accept that, sometimes, things succumb to "Murphy's Law" Consequently we hope you will understand why we have to bow to our legal advisers and publish the following Terms & Conditions:
Definitions for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:
"Firm" means Peter William Evans and Rosemary Jill Fellows, the operators of 'Cyclingholidaybasefrance.com'
"Guest" and "Guests" mean any customer or potential customer of the Firm
"Liability" means liability for loss or damage of whatever type and howsoever caused to any person or property
"Loss" means any loss of any type to any person or property howsoever caused
"Damage" means any damage of any type to any person or property howsoever caused
"Location" means any airport, port, railway station or any place where guests may arrive or depart
"Smoking" means the smoking of any material or product whether natural or manufactured

Guests must ensure that they have adequate insurance for ALL eventualities (including medical and accident emergencies).

The Firm undertakes to provide all services and facilities as described in this website to the very best of its abilities. Every effort will be made to operate to extremely high standards so as to ensure the Guest's holiday enjoyment.

The Firm is not liable for any loss or damage to any cycles used or hired by a Guest nor is the Firm liable for any loss or damage to any item of equipment or clothing owned by the Guest.

Guests undertake to treat with care and respect all property and equipment belonging to the Firm whether hired or not. In the event of loss or damage due to lack of care and respect, Guests may be required to reimburse the Firm accordingly.

Any Guest deemed to be behaving in a manner dangerous or offensive to other Guests, staff or members of the Firm or property belonging to the Firm or others may have their stay terminated immediately without refund.

The Firm accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, personal, commercial, bodily or otherwise, or any costs or damages whenever and however incurred. See "Insurance" above.

Guests are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. The Firm is not responsible for any losses or costs incurred due to flight delays or cancellations. Whilst every endeavour will be made to avoid problems caused by cancellations or delays, in the event of flight delays or cancellations Guests may be asked to make their own way to the Firm's address at their own expense. See "Insurance" above.

Guests will be collected from and taken to Bergerac or Bordeaux airports at no extra cost provided that times are reasonable. Please check with us before booking your flights as there may be additional costs incurred for arrivals or departures from certain other locations or for very late arrivals/early departures (see below). The Firm is not responsible for timely arrival or departure at any airport or other location. It is each Guest's responsibility to ensure that he or she has adequate insurance in place in this regard. The Firm accepts no responsibility for any loss, costs or damages whatsoever, whenever and however incurred. See "Insurance" above.

Arrival and Departure Times
We get people arriving from all over the world on different airlines and by rail so we have no set pick-up and drop off times. If more than one guest is arriving at the same airport/rail station, the time of collection for all guests will normally be the last flight/train arrival time. As evening arrivals clash with dinner arrangements for all guests, you should try to ensure that your times are reasonable in that regard otherwise you may be asked to make your own way to us by train or by taxi. Having said that, we try always to accommodate guests' needs so please speak to us first if you think there may be a problem.

For return flights, where there is more than one guest leaving at different times from the same airport/rail station, then the earliest departure time will apply to all. Unusually early departures that make this impractical may incur an additional charge.

On occasion, it may be necessary to combine departures and arrivals at the same airport/rail station.

Access to Rooms
Under normal circumstances, rooms are available for occupation from 16:30 on the day of arrival. However, guests are quite welcome to use the lounge, terrace, garden and pool if they arrive before that time and there is no room ready for them. There is also a ground floor shower-room with toilet available and guests may use the kitchen to make tea, coffee etc..

On departure day we ask guests to vacate their rooms by 09:45. Again, however, guests may use the terrace, garden, pool, kitchen and downstairs toilet facilities until it is time to depart for the airport or railway station.


The Firm reserves the right to change any itinerary at any time without prior notice

Food & Refreshments

Breakfast, "packed lunch" and seven evening meals will be provided within the overall cost of the holiday. Wine beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea, are available throughout the holiday at no extra cost except for drinks ordered in restaurants and caf├ęs. Guests are free to make their own tea and coffee whenever they wish.

Hired Items
The Firm accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage, personal or otherwise, in respect of any item hired by the Guest. See "Insurance" above. Bike hire is handled by our specialist partner
'themountainbikehirecompany.co.uk' and any bike hired by a guest from 'themountainbikehirecompany.co.uk' is subject to the terms and conditions of  'themountainbikehirecompany.co.uk'

Other items
The Firm accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage, personal or otherwise, howsoever sustained in respect of any item belonging to any Guest or partner or relative or guest of any guest.. See "Insurance" above

Swimming Pool

A heated swimming pool is provided for the pleasure and enjoyment of guests. The Firm accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever whether personal or otherwise in respect of the use of the pool. Children under 16 using the pool must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Swimming pools in France have to be protected by law. Our pool is protected by a fence with a self-closing, self-locking gate in compliance of this law. Guests undertake to keep this gate closed and locked at ALL times.

Guests must pay 25% deposit at the time of booking and the balance of the cost of their holiday eight weeks before their arrival.


For British residents our base currency is the British Pound. In all other cases our base currency is the Euro.


If you live in the United Kingdom, payment must be made in pounds sterling by direct payment to our UK bank account from your local bank branch, or online via Internet  banking.

If you live in the "euro zone" payment to us should be in euros and may be made by bank transfer to our French bank account, by cheque or in cash (only regarding the balance after deposit for the latter).

If you live outside the euro zone and you are not resident in the United Kingdom, you can pay us in Euros via PayPal

In the event of cancellation by a Guest more than eight weeks before the due arrival date that Guest's deposit will be forfeit if their place cannot be filled. Should any Guest cancel less than eight weeks before the due arrival date, that Guest will lose 100% of the total cost of the holiday if their place cannot be filled.  If their place is filled the Guest will receive a full refund less 5% to cover administration costs incurred by the Firm. Any cancellation by the Guest must be made formally in writing except in the case of non-payment; non-payment of the total holiday cost by the due date (i.e. eight weeks prior to arrival) will be taken as a formal notice of cancellation by the Guest and written notice will not be required. See "Insurance" above.

If the Firm has to cancel any booking for any reason then the Guest will receive a full refund (without deduction) and the Firm will have no further liability

For reasons of safety and the environment, the Firm operates a strict "No-smoking" policy. This means that Guests are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the house, or pool area or in any vehicle operated by the Firm. Guests who ignore this request may have their stay terminated immediately without refund. Smoking is allowed in the grounds but we request that, when doing so, consideration is given to the environment and other guests. Cigarettes must be extinguished in the bucket provided.

We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions without notice.
Terms and Conditions